No Saturday (27th) session. see you on Monday 29th.

No Saturday (27th) session. see you on Monday 29th.

by Rob Mitchell -
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Good family

Monday session, not Saturday

Just a quick note to say no session on Saturday 27th but look forward to see you on Monday 29th at Fashion Museum, if you can make it.

See Fashion Musuem messages here if you need to know more.


Name for Serious Equality Incidient Reporting app.

You may remember we discussed an app for reporting equality incidents. You can find out more about it on the online academy under SEIR App.

There is a prize for the winning choice. So if you have ideas about what the App might be called...

Lets hear you?

What say you?

Answers on a postcard...

Or just let me know. 

Love and Blessings as ever