Saturday 6th November @11am (& Happy Diwali)

Saturday 6th November @11am (& Happy Diwali)

by Rob Mitchell -
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Happy Diwali family

Girl in Indian dress, holding a candle and smiling to camera

Daylight Saving Time starts in the UK which signals the general descent into the darkness of the season,  meaning it is time for humans to have festivals of Light. So Happy Diwali for today.  Even bonfire night (tomorrow) may be seen in this light (if you like).

Saturday Session 6th November

This is a quick notice to say that we will be having a virtual session again on Saturday 6th  at 11am. So we will meet in the Digital Light :)

I can let you know about possibilities to do other things also, like Samba, a trip to the fashion museum, theatre and other opportunities to put your voice and talents into Bath life.

Ambassasor's Programme

It would be especially great to update you on our Race Equality Ambassadors programme, the related Charter and possibilities for you to shape this by raising your voice in schools and the city!!  Mainly though, I would like you to help us make it creative, engaging, relevant and fun to participate in - however serious the issue.

There is a link here, which will give you a bit more information for the time being. It is a work in progress, so your feedback and eagle-eyed corrections are welcome.

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom for up dates and moves forward on creating actual change in Bath schoools.

Best Blessings and Goodness
Happy Diwali
Love and LIGHT