a Race Equality Charter for Schools

in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES)

  • This Race Equality Charter was developed by Black Families Education Support Group , in partnership with a number of organisations in Bath and North East Somerset, as a way of ensuring race equality is considered in all aspects of school life. 
  • The charter is in draft stage and being consulted upon before full publication in 2022.
  • While the charter focuses on the specifics of ‘race’, its aims can be applied to equality, belonging and achievement for all pupils.

The 11 Aims of the Race Equality Charter can be found below.

Signatories to the Charter would commit to these Aims.


The Aims of the BFESG Race Equality Charter

01. Inclusive Environment

Creating and sustaining an inclusive and anti-racist school environment, where everyone feels they belong, where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated.

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04. Staff Diversity

Critically evaluate our recruitment policies and processes to understand how they impact on the diversity of our staff and where they are employed.

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05. Community Partnerships

Working in partnership with our local and neighbouring communities and organisations to tackle racial discrimination and support our staff, students and parents.

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06. Diverse Curriculum

Teaching a diverse, inclusive Curriculum that aims to raise the attainment of students from all ethnic groups, which reflects, ( takes account of ) the ethnicity and culture of all students, includes the history, heritage, perspectives and contributions of different ethnic groups, challenges personal and institutional racism, and allows (provides opportunities for) all pupils to discover and celebrate their own identities

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07. Leadership and Governance

Championing and Prioritising Racial Equality through School Leadership and Governance and ensuring planning, policies and procedures effectively address issues of race equality and challenge racism

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08. Admissions and Access

Making the admissions process accessible and equal for students from all ethnic groups and that strategies to maintain attendance take account of the backgrounds and needs of students from all ethnic groups

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09. High Attainment

Ensuring equality of opportunity for students from all ethnic groups to succeed, aspire and achieve their educational potential, removing any barriers to progress and attainment and reducing any gaps in educational attainment between different ethnic groups

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10. Managing Behaviour

Managing the behaviour of all pupils fairly and equally and identifying and adopting good practice strategies to address any differences in sanctions or exclusions between ethnic groups

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11. Monitoring and Evaluating

Routinely Monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the school to highlight any racial inequalities, understand their cause and take action to remove any unfairness or disadvantage

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